Peer-Reviewed Presentations


Wilkes, S., Treat, A., Kazakoff, E., & Prescott, J. (2017, June).  Examining the impact of blended learning on third grade reading skills.  Roundtable presentation at ISTE 2016.  San Antonio, TX.  

Kazakoff, E.R., Orkin, M., & Bundschuh, K. (2017, April).  Evaluating the Application of Self-determination theory to Motivational Design in a Blended Learning Literacy Program Roundtable presentation at American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting.  San Antonio, TX.  


Kazakoff, E.R., Robinson, E., & Rose, Terese (2016, November).  Using blended learning to support the development of dual language learners’ reading skills in kindergarten.  Presentation at NAEYC 2016 Annual Conference. Los Angeles, CA.

Kazakoff, E.R., & Schechter, R. (2016, October). Using Mixed Methods for the Iterative Improvement of an EdTech Reading Program. Poster presentation at 2016 SRCD Special Topic Meeting: Technology and Media in Children's Development 

Kazakoff, E.R., Wilkes, S. Morrissey, M., Orkin, M. (2016, July).  Blended: Lessons from the field on mixing literacy, technology, students, teachers, and data.  Panel presentation at International Literacy Association 2016 Conference.  Boston, MA.

Brooke, E., Kazakoff, E.R., Macaruso, P., Prescott, J. (2016, July). Can a Blended Learning Model of
Reading Instruction Support the Development of ELL Students' Reading Skills in Kindergarten? Poster presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading Annual Meeting. Porto, Portugal.

Kazakoff, E.R., Ronstadt, K. (2016, June).  Applying SDT in the Design of Literacy Software for Children.  Presentation at The 6th International Conference on Self-Determination Theory.  Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Schechter, R., Kazakoff, E.R., Bundschuh, K. (2016, June).  Pizza? The impact of incentives on teacher engagement and student reading.  Roundtable presentation at ISTE 2016.  Denver, CO.

Macaruso, P., Kazakoff, E.R., Wilkes, S., Albert, J. (2016, June). Exploration of a Blended Learning
Approach to Reading Instruction in Second Grade.  Presentation at EdMedia 2016. Vancouver, B.C., Canada.


Kazakoff, E.R.
, Crawford-Brooke, E., Macaruso, P., Hook, P., Schechter, R., Wilkes, S. (2015, July). Potential benefits of blended
learning for reading instruction for ELL and non-ELL students.
Poster presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading
(SSSR) Annual Meeting, 15 – 18 July 2015, Kona, Hawaii.

Kazakoff, E.R., & Bers, M.U. (2015, April).  Accounting for Self-Regulation in a "Learn-to-Code" Tool for Young Children. Poster presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, 16 - 20 April 2015, Chicago, IL.


Kazakoff, E.R., & Bers, M.U. (2014, April).  Does learning to code correlate with self-regulation skills in kindergarten classrooms?  Poster presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, 3 - 7 April 2014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Kazakoff, E.R. (2014, March).  What happens when kindergartners learn to code?  Cafe Session (x2) at the Digital Media and Learning Conference (DML), 6-8 March 2014, Boston, Massachusetts.

Resnick, M. (organizer/presenter), Portelance, D. (assistant), Strawhacker, A. (assistant), Kazakoff, E.R. (assistant).  (2014, March).  Coding 101: A hands-on introduction to ScratchJr.  Workshop presented at Sandbox Summit, 24-25 March 2014, Boston, Massachusetts.


Kazakoff, E.R., & Bers, M.U. (2013, April).  Designing new technologies for early childhood: Results from the initial pilot studies of ScratchJr. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, 18- 20 April 2013, Seattle, Washington.

Kazakoff, E.R. (2013, April).  ScratchJr:  Design considerations and implementation highlights.  Presentation at Tufts Eliot-Pearson Student Presentation Day5 April 2013, Medford, MA.

Bers, M.U. (2013, March) From playpen to playground: New technologies to support positive youth developmentwith Kazakoff, E.R. (2013).  ScratchJr & self-regulation.  Presentation at the 28th Annual Learning Differences Conference, 22 - 23 March 2013, Cambridge, MA.


Kazakoff, E.R. (2012, March).  Defining digital literacy in early childhood.  Paper presented at EETC, 14 - 16 March 2012, Salt Lake City, Utah. slides

Kazakoff, E.R. (2012, March).  Design of ScratchJr through an early childhood digital literacy perspective.  Presentation at Tufts Eliot-Pearson Student Presentation Day30 March 2012, Medford, MA.

Flannery, L.P.,  Kazakoff, E.R., Bontá, P.,  Silverman, B., Bers, M.U.,  and Resnick, M. (2013, July). ScratchJr: Learning in early childhood through programming.  Poster presented at Create Your World: Scratch at MIT Conference 2012, 25 - 28 July 2012, Cambridge, MA.


Kazakoff, E.R
., & Bers, M.U. (2011, April).  The impact of computer programming on sequencing ability in early childhood.  Paper presented at American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, 8 - 12 April, 2011, New Orleans, LA.  

Kazakoff, E.R., & Bers, M.U. (2011, April).  Kindergarten robotics:  Understanding and programming robots in early childhood.  Poster presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, 31 March - 2 April, 2011, Montreal, Canada.  


Kazakoff, E.R., & Bers, M.U. (2010, November).  Computer programming in kindergarten: The role of sequencing.         
Virtual paper presented at the International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, 15-17 November 2010, Madrid, Spain.

Niro, E. (2010, June).  
Tangible programming in early childhood:  Revisiting developmental Assumptions through new technologies.  Presented at CUCMC Cross University Collaborative Mentoring Conference, 4 June 2010, Cambridge, MA.

Crouser, R.J., Flannery, L., & Niro, E. (2010, April).  Learning to build, building to learn: 
Robotic programming in early childhood.  Presentation at Tufts Eliot-Pearson Student Presentation Day, 7 April 2010, Medford, MA.


Nobel, R.G., Niro, E., & Pearce, M. (2005, May). Use of internet-based sexually explicit material by college students.  
Poster presented at the 17th Annual American Psychological Society Convention, 26 - 29 May 2005, 
Los Angeles, CA.